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Mama bear

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Last night I took the bear to fast food dinner. So classy, but beside the point. If it makes you feel better he only ate the apples out of his whole happy meal. Which means I are my cheeseburger and his nuggets and fries, yech.
After I ate, I took him to play in the play area. He’s not big on climbing in those gross tunnels, but he enjoys being able to run around. There were three kids in there already, which means the bear ran over to them immediately. Those kids started laughing at the bears inability to speak well, imitating his “da da da” sounds and toddling around like bear. Then they caught sight of his diaper which sent them into hysterics. They whispered to each other, ” I saw his DIAPER!” Then the oldest kid convinced the bear to lift his shirt up, giving them a better view of the top of his diaper so they could laugh harder.

I have never wanted to trip a kid so badly in my life. (I said trip because that seemed like the thing least likely to get me arrested. My feelings may have been a tad stronger than tripping.) the funny thing was that bear thought it all was hilarious. He was laughing because they were and doing more things to entertain them.
By the end bear was so hyped up that he ran into the oldest hoodlum kid and pushed him. The delinquent kid acted as if he’d been tripped by a crazy mom which he deserved. I wanted to say, “that’s what you get when you make fun of one year olds in diapers!”
But instead I said,”bear, we don’t push (or make fun of people smaller than us) please go give him a high five to say sorry.”
Because I’m classy like that.
And my kid will be too.


Not a Pinterest kid.

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I don’t have a Pinterest kid. He doesn’t appreciate the effort I expend searching for creative, age appropriate activities for us to do. I’m in one of the stages of mourning about it. Acceptance? What step is that. I’m done trying to force him into all these wonderful activities. Well as I say that I’m already making a few exceptions because I bought supplies for a couple more. Wouldn’t want to waste that stuff. Back to my point though. Here’s the latest example. If you go anywhere near pinterest you’ve probably seen some variation of finger painting in a ziplock bag. You put finger paints in a ziplock so the kids can squish and mix it without the mess. The version I tried also included using clear contact paper (paper? Plastic? Whatever it’s called) to attach it to the glass door for extra fun.
Why don’t I just let my kid finger paint like normal you might ask. An I just too controlling and afraid of the mess? No, my kid puts everything in his mouth. Everything. He’d devour that jar of finger paint faster than the tube of A&D he tried to have for breakfast. I don’t know why he does it, I feed him often I promise.
So I scored fingerprint and contact paper at the dollar store, which I was pretty excited about. “Clear” contact paper is a bit generous as it is really cloudy, but for a dollar I don’t care.
Plus it ended up not mattering because all the bear wanted to do was peel the contact paper off the window.
That’s what the activity became: dismantling the activity I set up.
That’s what it always becomes. I set up a rice “sensory table” and all he wants to so is throw rice everywhere. Same with sand. Water table? He dumps it over in less than three seconds. Drop Pom poms through a tube? More like rip that tube off the wall and throw Pom poms everywhere. Sort things into a muffin tin? Psshh- toss that muffin tin over and unsort EVERYHING! Stacking blocks? Naw, bear would rather knock them down and

Colgate Optic White

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I received the Colgate Optic White toothbrush, mouthwash and toothpaste complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. My expectations were low because I suffer from extreme tooth sensitivity. I’ve tried in the past to use whitening strips and have always had to stop after one or two applications due to them causing an increase in painful tooth sensitivity. I normally use a Sonicare toothbrush on the sensitive setting and Sensodine toothpaste. I do not regularly use mouthwash.

The tooth brush looks weird. I’m not used to the large size, if you are familiar with a Sonicare brush the head is really tiny compared to a conventional toothbrush. I’m still not completely used to it after nearly two weeks, but it’s not a major issue. The Optic White toothbrush has a couple unique, innovative features. The brush itself has some small rubber cup type things. Hard to explain, but the package says they help hold in the toothpaste and apply it to your tooth surfaces. Makes sense I suppose. I don’t think they are necessarily due to the foaminess of the toothpaste, but more on that later. The toothbrush has some nice rubbery grips on the handle that I like and make the brush easier to hold. There is a tongue and cheek scraper on the backside on the brush head. I like that it is built in because it scrapes my cheeks for me as I brush. I normally just brush my tongue with the brush it self, so I didn’t use the scraper for that. Some might prefer the scraper, however. The only drawback to the location of the built in tongue scraper was that when I laid my toothbrush down on the counter I felt yucky letting the scraper rest on the counter. I don’t have a toothbrush holder because the Sonicare stands up on its own. I’d probably get one if I continued to use the Optic White brush.

The toothpaste is my favorite part. It is really foamy and fills my mouth which makes my teeth feel that they are getting cleaner. It leaves me with fresher breath for longer than the Sensodine Pronamal that I normally use. The second best part?? I haven’t had any painful sensitivity! My teeth feel normal! Now the best part is the whitening power! I’ve noticed results after only a week and a half. That is amazing to me. I have nothing bad to say about the toothpaste, it works great!

The mouthwash tastes bad initially. If you have ever rinsed with hydrogen peroxide then you’ll know exactly what it tastes like. Once you spit it out though you taste the mint. Hydrogen peroxide may taste bad but it is a great way to whiten your teeth. Plus it kills a lot of bacteria that would cause bad breath and tooth decay. I’ve rinsed with hydrogen peroxide before so the taste really didn’t bother me, it’s totally worth it from my point of view. The mouthwash is alcohol free, but I still had a mild burn while I used it. It’s funny when you spit it out because it continues foaming on your tongue and around your gums. I like that because I feel like it is doing some extra cleaning. 

I’ve been using the entire system as directed twice a day for nearly two weeks. I like it all. I probably won’t continue using the toothbrush because I have invested in a Sonicare, but I will definitely use the mouth wash and the toothpaste provided my tooth sensitivity doesn’t return. I am curious now if the sensitivity I experience is due to my Sonicare…. as I write I confess I hadn’t considered that and more experimentation with the Colgate toothbrush may be in order.

The Colgate Optic White Regimen costs:

$2.99 for a 4oz toothpaste

$2.99 for a 8oz mouthwash

$2.99 per toothbrush

Granny Panties

The other day I spur of the moment decided to take the bear out to lunch. This is a pretty big deal because I was by myself. I’m not usually up for more than necessary errands and fun play places by myself, but maybe I had a stroke or something. This isn’t going where you think it is though, (perhaps the title was a clue to that fact) the bear was actually amazingly well behaved. We went to Moe’s which is a chipotle-esque place (though not nearly as good).  We went early, but the bear is a notoriously slow eater so the place filled up as we dined.  At one point a man and women came in and sat at the booth behind me. The lady was mildly developmentally disabled in someway. You wouldn’t know by looking at her, except maybe because she was wearing boots, a trench coat and fur gloves when it was 85* outside. The lady got up a lot to get salsa and soda. She was singing pretty loudly, which the bear thought was really cool. He got into it and tried to sing along. She knew every song that came on, the bears favorite was ring of fire. Eventually we were talking to the couple and the bear was entertaining them. The lady gave him a lemon slice and a straw to play with, and I was enjoying that he was entertained and behaving. At the end of our meal I stood up to clean up the food “splash zone” around the bears high chair. the lady commented that she loved my pants and asked where I had purchased them. 

We have to take a side trip here for me to poorly attempt to defend myself. It was laundry day? I was being lazy? I wanted to be comfortable? The pants are thin yellow cotton, and while not see thru- one must wear neutral undergarments to avoid showcasing them. So I was forced to wear the only available neutrals that day. Huge, ugly tan granny panties I bought while pregnant. I am sharing this because I think it is important to be able to laugh at yourself and because the story isn’t nearly as funny if you don’t know how awful my skivies were that day.

back to the lady asking about my pants. I’ve had them forever and couldn’t remember where i had purchased them. Then she wanted to know more. Did they dry quickly? What are they made of? I didn’t know. I picked the bear up when she decided she had to know what they were made of. She started searching for the tag on the back of my pants. I started stuttering that the tag may be long gone, but she wasn’t going to give up. She ended up finding it(see how I know they are cotton) but not with out pulling most of the back of my pants down and showcasing my sweet granny panties to the whole resturaunt. She was upset that they were cotton and not nylon. I believe her exact words were, “Well, they won’t dry THAT quickly.” Sorry to disappoint you. No charge everyone for the terrible peep show. 

As we left she said, “I really enjoyed meeting your family. I hope we see you around again soon.” As embarrassed as I was I told her I hoped so too and I meant it. She was really fun to eat our meal with and the bear hated to say goodbye.


Packing is lame. It’s a lot of work knowing you have to unpack it all again soon. The hardest part is wrangling the bear while I pack. So far for every three things I put in a box he removes one, three or four times. He even takes the item he removed and puts it back where it came from. So well taught. So in convenient at this time. He happily chants,”clean up, clean up” while doing it.

I have figured out the best thing to do is to pack a box in whatever room is most entertaining to the bear at the time. So every room had about one packed box. The bears room has three. We spent the morning out on the back porch where there really isn’t anything to pack. I did manage to dump soil and wash my pots. Plus clean and deflate the bears pool.

total: 5 boxes packed. 5 pots emptied and cleaned. baby pool cleaned and deflated. Dishwasher ran. 1 load of laundry washed, dried, folded. Bear fed twice, bathed and now napping. All by noon? Pretty good morning. I’m celebrating by  sitting still for ten minutes to write this.

Uh Oh!

The Bear’s favorite word(s?) right now: Uh Oh! 

As in: Uh Oh! I dropped my toy on the ground.

Or Uh Oh! I threw all my food off the high hair and on the previously clean kitchen floor.

Uh Oh! I emptied both bottom shelves in the pantry. 

Uh Oh! I dropped my toys/blanket/anything-i-can-get-my-hands-on over the baby gate and need you to come get it.

He throws random things to see if he can get them to ‘come apart’ (break) so he can say Uh Oh!

First thing in the morning (which lately has been 4:45. We’re having some issues.) As soon as I open his bedroom door he throws his blanket across the room and shouts excitedly, “UH OH!” Which would be cute if I didn’t suspect he’s so excited to do it that he won’t go back to sleep. And it’s 4:45, I’m half asleep and hungry. The earlier I wake up the hungrier I am.

I’m waiting for UH OH! I just pulled my diaper off. He’s been trying, but we’ve foiled him so far with pants. Tricky, tricky pants.

How can I resist sharing this cuteness?!

How can I resist sharing this cuteness?!

It was brought to my attention recently that things I share about the bear, including videos and pictures are going to one day embarrass him. It has been pointed out before but I didn’t give it much thought because he was just a baby. Now that he’s a toddler things are different. I can better envision him as a whole independent person.
So the question is: at what point do you stop sharing embaressing pictures, stories, and videos about your kids on social media?
I’ve often thought, “Wow, I’m glad facebook wasn’t around when I was a teenager.” And even more than that I’ve seen posts by parents about their teenagers or full grown kids that have made me feel aweful for the “child.” No judgement, but I don’t want to make Harrison’s teens any more difficult. So is a good time to stop sharing once he becomes active in social media? Is that around 13? Then do I remove all my old stories and pictures so his friends can’t tease him? Or will their parents have a bunch of stuff up too, so it won’t matter? Maybe just make it all private so his peers cannot see it? Why am I worrying about this already?!